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UMCG hospital starts with eWitness

University Medical Center Groningen (location Groningen, the Netherlands) starts with the implementation of eWitness. eWitness enables witnessing to be an integral part of the workflow in the laboratory. The system uses small and reliable 2D barcode or normal barcodes depending on the needs of the customer. Labels and barcodes are created directly from the interface and can be customised. The module allows labels to be scanned directly from the interface or with a dedicated app. Each barcode is unique and ensures safe and complete witnessing in all process steps.  The following characteristics make the witnessing module unique:
  • Witnessing uses 2D DataMatrix barcodes. This barcode type uses up less space and is more reliable than traditional barcodes.
  • Text for identification of persons and gametes in preselected label formats.
  • Automatic production of labels, based on eFertility data.
  • Storage of all scanned barcodes for traceability.
  • Individually customised and yet fully integrated in eFertility.
  • Double scanning of a barcode is impossible thanks to the witnessing module.
  • The witnessing module reduces the risk of error to a minimum.
Are you interested in the witnessing module? We would be happy to provide you with a free quote and/or demonstration.
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