Software for Fertility Clinics


eFertility is a complete modular software system, easy to integrate.

Does your clinic have additional requirements? eFertility has a lot of options to expand. eWitness, ePortal, etc. 


eFertility offers a flexible and customised screen layout to suit all staff members at the clinic.

Functionality can be adapted per clinic.

Safety first

Is availability and secure access important in your business?

Choose eFertility!

Benefits of eFertility

In your clinic (regardless size) you need software that is readily available from your web browser. Software that fully supports medical registration and administrative tasks. Software that adjusts to the needs of doctors, researchers and laboratory technicians as well as secretaries. Software that is easy to use, whether you wish to store data or retrieve them.

eFertility is designed for ART clinics to simplify administrative operations. After all, the reason you choose this job is not to spend your days working on administration… but to deliver outstanding patient care!

Find out why over 90% of Dutch fertility clinics work with eFertility

eFertility Features

When you use eFertility you can fully adjust it to your individual needs, whether you work as a doctor, laboratory technician or as a secretary. And it is not complicated. Does your ART clinic have additional requirements? Thanks to its modular set-up, eFertility is easily expanded to include modules such as a planner, patient or invoicing module. You will find out this unique software also enables safe digital registration, manages patient information and makes data analyses possible.

Last but not least, it includes solid and proven components such as Excel, Qlik Sense and API. eFertility will save you time. Time you can spend on delivering outstanding patient care!

A complete patient file