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eBase, software for Fertility Clinics

Regardless its size, your clinic requires software that is immediately available from your web browser. Software that fully supports medical registration and administrative tasks, that adjusts to the needs of doctors, researchers, and laboratory technicians as well as secretaries. Software that is easy to use, whether you wish to store data or retrieve it. eFertility is designed for ART clinics to simplify administrative operations.

After all, the reason you choose this job is not to spend your days working on administration… but to deliver outstanding patient care!

'We Save a lot time by extracting data for scientific research directly from eBase. This is fast, secure and prevents errors.'
dr. A.P.A. van Montfoort, clinical embryologist i.t. at Maastricht University Medical Center

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A secure, personal patient environment, accessible from any device.

Patients can view different sections of their records, including appointments, correspondence, and stimulation programmes. The patient portal also allows patients to complete questionnaires online. Data is automatically read into eBase. The treating physician can subsequently validate the information during the consultation, which saves valuable time. In addition, the portal offers functionalities such as chat, reminders, and patient signatures.


A well organized and flexible calendar, tailored to specific needs.

The calendar is well organized and can be tailored to your specific needs, such as a 3-day overview or a display of several user agendas simultaneously. The agenda is linked to the patient and gives you a quick insight into relevant patient information. You can reserve time slots per activity. Other clinic-specific features include assigning a specific status to an appointment, allowing the doctor to see when the patient is in the waiting room. Finding a possible consultation date for a patient has never been so easy!

If you also use eBilling you can perform invoicing directly from eCalender. When using ePortal, appointments are visible in the patient’s personal online environment. Text messages or email reminders can be added to keep in close contact with your patients.


A complete overview of the patient status.

eClinic is the core system of eBase. It provides a complete overview of the patient, combined with partner and donor information. The status includes diagnostics, current treatments, diagnostic examinations like semen analysis, laparoscopy, follicle monitoring, correspondence, and fertility history. Data from the doctor and from external systems are combined. The system is highly flexible and can be adjusted to local operation procedures and requirements. Extensive output modules allow the user to create rich letters based on data in the system. By creating lists, adding special attention and / or including patient studies, the eClinic system works in close conjunction with eLab.


The dashboard that shows all daily lab activities.

For the lab, we developed a dashboard has shows all daily activities at a glance. All lab activities can be managed from a central place. The basic workflow in the IVF lab is visualized and enriched by clinic specific signatures (workflow), special attention, study enrolment and administrative handling like letters or lab reports. The system includes several cryo banks and has a visual cryo inventory system. The complete eLab system can be used on a regular workstation with access to all functionalities. You can use the dedicated tablet interface for easy access and data entry to create a paperless lab.


To register and monitor results of genetic screening.

A specific eLab functionality is Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). ePGT offers the ability to register and monitor results of genetic screening. For every embryo and biopsy, cell genetic screening can be monitored, results can be stored, and individual signatures can be set. The PGT-module assists in selecting the right embryo.


Linking donors and patients by advanced searches.

eDonor links donors and patients. By using advanced searches, the system provides matching, reservation, and storage of straws. You receive an overview of the virtual stock to be used. eDonor also manages the release of semen and oocytes. Statistics about pregnancies and children per donor are displayed and allow for selection and blocking of donors. Donor materials are stored in the cryo-banks of eBase.


eBase easily connects to external systems.

eConnection connects our system to external systems such as Time-Lapse incubators (e.g., Vitrolife and embryoscope), CASA, Ultrasound imaging and reporting connections, LIMS, accounting software and others. eConnection uses standards like HL7, FHIR, JSON, RESTful API or traditional connections. eConnection also allows integration with witness systems like eWitness or RI witness, as well as with other systems like ePortal.


Incorporate easy invoicing as part of the patient’s file.

eBilling can be used directly from eCalendar, or by preference, you can create invoices from the file. By using smart treatments profiles it’s easy to select billable activities or products as part of the treatment registration. Optionally, invoices can be sent to your bookkeeping system.


To display and analyse data like KPIs, multi-location data and financial data.

eDashboard enables the user to make operational and strategic decisions. KPIs can be defined at any level for both management and medical staff. eDashboard enables managing of your clinic and outcomes with an intuitive visual dashboard using the power of the business intelligence tool Qlik Sense®.