A high quality witness system
doesn't need to be expensive


ART has been in full development in recent years. There is a continuous addition of new features and improved technologies, making operations more and more complex. Securing these process flows is therefore becoming increasingly important. 

eWitness contributes greatly to managing the quality of IVF treatment programs. It prevents critical errors such as mix-ups of sperm, eggs, or embryos, as eWitness provides clarity to the user in every step of the process.


  • Automates workflow
  • Monitors all actions
  • Barcode and RFID on printable labels
  • Provides an electronic double check



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eWitness benefits

eWitness is a flexible and user-friendly witness system that fits seamlessly into any ART clinic.

eWitness automates the workflow and increases the efficiency of your daily operations. All actions are monitored via electronic double-check, reducing the workload whilst increasing reliability and quality. 

The implementation of eWitness is easy. No workplace adjustments are required, and a minimum of hardware components are added to your lab. After configuring eWitness with your local workflow, the system guides you through every step of the fertility process. Our label printer prints individual labels to prevent waste. The printed labels and RFID tags meet the MEA standard.

'At UZ Gent, eWitness brings safety to our labprocesses, as it results in an undisturbed, calm and focussed work environment for my team. eWitness is also connected to IDEAS, our EMR, resulting in a streamlined process that enhances overall process efficiency, all thanks to our effective partnership with eFertility.'
Dr. K. Tilleman, Director IVF Lab at UZ Gent Belgium

A high quality witness system doesn't need to be expensive!

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Download brochure eWitness

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eWitness features

eWitness avoids unneeded physical actions, saves valuable time, and greatly improves the safety of the process while a patient’s status can be viewed at any location. Due to the combination of eWitness handheld scanners and the eWitness RFID readers, you can choose the optimal configurations for your clinic. 

You can use the system to visibly monitor patient materials. This way, your patients are involved in the process. For example, during sperm collection, oocyte retrieval, and embryo transfer it’s evident to the patient that each step is monitored.  

Furthermore, the transportation of material between external clinics and laboratories can be included in your witness monitoring. eWitness is user-friendly, safe, and reduces complexity!

eWitness results in a reliable and efficient workflow method that saves substantial amounts of time. It’s available for a reasonable price. The system can be fully integrated into eBase and optionally as a separate system linked to your EMR. eWitness has a clear and fast return on investment.


  • Provides independent double-check
  • Electronic record of who, what and when
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Constant monitoring of all activity in the workspace
  • Identity checks can NEVER be overlooked
  • One labeling system that can be used under liquid nitrogen conditions
  • Reduces unnecessary manpower costs
  • Automates the workflow

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