A high quality witness system
doesn't need to be expensive

eWitness: scan, record and validate

eWitness registers each step in the fertility process by scanning the label with a barcode scanner or RFID reader. Both technologies are combined in one system and are complementary. Regardless of the location or procedure, quality and progress are assured within seconds.

eWitness uniquely identifies each sample and each straw


  • Flexible: barcode and RFID in one solution.
  • Unique: printable RFID tags.
  • Easy: integratable in an existing lab environment.
  • Efficient: less hardware and cost reduction.


'eWitness reduces the chance of errors and provides structure in our fertility lab. It contributes greatly to our quality assurances during the IVF treatment.'
Dr. E. Slappendel, clinical embryologist at Nij Geertgen part of FutureLife group


eWitness is a web-based application combined with an app.

Barcode and RFID readers can be added anywhere in your set-up. Flexibility is a key benefit of these technologies. No workplace adjustments are needed to implement eWitness.

The web-based back-office enables you to create your own procedures and witness points, design your own labels, create your KPI reports and manage the users accounts. Furthermore, eWitness provides a dashboard with a complete overview of all the patients, the total workload of the day and insight in the logging of the witness points.


The system uses flexible and wireless handheld scanners with a user-friendly eWitness app. This allows you to securely scan the barcode on the label at any time anywhere in your building and register your actions in eWitness.

The app is also used to track materials, such as culture vitrification medium, oil, etc. You can register the batch, number and expiry date. In the event of a recall, it is easy to generate an overview of patients where the material is used in the treatment.


The RFID set-up consists of one or more RFID readers and a tablet with our user-friendly eWitness app. Logging in is easy using a personal RFID token. All disposables in range of the eWitness RFID reader are read automatically. The system is passive, hence no manual actions are required.

This ensures that semen, oocytes, and embryos are linked to the right patients. In the event that gametes from incorrect patients are combined, the system sounds an alarm, and the error is automatically registered. eWitness will notify the users with a sound signal and the app clearly indicates that there is an incorrect combination of gametes. You can’t move forward until the error is corrected. All actions are logged.

Our RFID tags are printable so that all desired patient information can be printed directly on the tag, including a barcode. The RFID and barcode are interchangeable and can both be used during the witness process.


eWitness works with flexible RFID readers. The eWitness RFID reader allows you to automatically scan multiple gametes at the same time. You can keep your hands free when needed.

It is not necessary to replace flow cabinets as the eWitness RFID readers are easy to add to your existing environment. This ensures a fast and cost-effective implementation.


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Each eWitness label is unique and contains all the information required for patient identification. Patient information is printed onto both normal and RFID labels. Therefore, blind or handwritten labels are eliminated.

Any clinic can design and customize their own labels using information elements such as client and partner names, date of birth, customer number and cryo date. Thus, there is no need to manually write the data on a label or disposable.


eWitness uses traditional labels, RFID labels and cryo resistant labels. All labels meet the MEA standard for additional security and come in various sizes. Barcode and RFID readers can be added in your set-up wherever you would like or require them. Flexibility is a key benefit of these technologies.


eWitness collects the data of your lab. All actions, such as witnessing or batch tracking, are stored per person and per time interval. eWitness KPI provides continuous insight into the performance of your lab and creates a benchmark for other units in the fertility group. The dashboard can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can compare and analyse individual process steps, employee performance or multi lab performance.