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eWitness companion app version 1.0.11 is now available in the Google Play Store!

This version brings a number of nice new features and improvements. New features include:
  • 3 new types of workflow dependencies. You can now force exact numbers of scans per witness point, let the number of scans follow previous steps or force the scanning of the exact same labels throughout your workflow to create smart and intuitive workflows.
  • Logging in with an employee card. With this feature you can use your employee card to validate in case of a misscan.
  • Multiple external barcodes can be registered per patient. This makes it easy to incorporate patient-material that comes pre-labelled.
  • Stocard inclusion. By adding the "eFertility" card to the loyalty card software from Stocard your patients can store their eWitness identity on their phone. Available for iPhone and Android.
  • Clinic workflows to extend the existing lab workflows. This allows for dedicated access to specific witness points from the clinic.
  • Task types are now configurable in the setup allowing a specific handheld scanner to only display specific witness groups.
At eFertility we strive to keep improving the eWitness experience for our users. New features are added on a regular basis. More news to come in the near future.      
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