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eWitness provides safety, efficiency, and control over risky processes

Since October 2021, Erasmus MC has been working with eWitness, a software program that manages all second identity checks of patient material during IVF treatment. This way, eWitness ensures a reliable identification check at every moment patient material is handled. Jeroen Speksnijder, an embryologist i.t., is pleased to tell us more about the implementation process and his personal experience with eWitness. Jeroen Speksnijder: “The implementation process went smoothly. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, it was possible to completely integrate the entire program into the current activities within two months. The support from eFertility was very pleasant and knowledgeable. On a technical level, everything is impeccable. eFertility also installed the hardware for us. They use printers made especially for this purpose. Furthermore, the flexible and wireless handheld scanners are highly user-friendly. The labels comply with the MEA standard and have a good shelf life at extremely low temperatures. We no longer have to worry about the readability of the labels, which gives us assurance and peace of mind. During the implementation process, we mapped out the risks per workstation. Together with our team, we determined how our clinic wants to use eWitness. Writing out the various processes and establishing clear agreements has greatly simplified the process, increased awareness, and created support among our employees. The eWitness system is characterized by simplicity and ease of use. It greatly reduces the administrative burden and the workload due to the more efficient way of working. Simultaneously, safety and security are guaranteed. By being fully integrated into eBase, the registration system which Erasmus MC has been happy to work with for years. Thanks to eWitness, we no longer need to switch between different systems. Furthermore, the app follows the structure of eBase, making it possible for eBase users to know what to do at just a glance. It provides insight while feeling safe and familiar. The system was recently developed. We see eFertility as our partner. Together we aim for quality and safety. eWitness contributes greatly to managing the quality of IVF treatment programs. It decreases the registration burden, reduces the chance of errors, and provides more control over risky processes.” Are you interested to learn more about eWitness or would you like to receive an obligation-free demo? We are happy to provide this for you.
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