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ESHRE chooses eFertility

For many years the PGT database has been the largest, worldwide database of its kind. However, as the years go by and centres continue to grow, completing a cycle-by-cycle database takes up too much of the centres’ time. Therefore, the ESHRE decided to move to a database with aggregated data which better reflects the trends in PGT as we see them in Europe and the rest of the world. 'eFertility is the perfect partner to renew and upgrade the existing database. Their experience in building the PGT database for The Netherlands can only be helpful in designing a worldwide database. eFertility is a very accessible company with a highly skilled and professional team. We are very much looking forward to a long-term cooperation!', says Bruno van den Eede (managing director at ESHRE).   The main aim of the ESHRE is to promote interest in, and understanding of, reproductive biology and medicine. ESHRE’s activities include teaching, training and professional accreditations, as well as developing and maintaining data registries. It also facilitates and disseminates research in human reproduction and embryology to the general public, scientists, clinicians and patient associations.
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