ESHRE annual meeting 2024 in Amsterdam – Welcome!

7 t/m 10 July 2024

With great pleasure, we invite you to join us in Amsterdam for the 40th Annual Meeting of ESHRE.

eWitness is a flexible and user-friendly system that seamlessly integrates into any ART clinic. It automates workflows and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring all actions are monitored through electronic double-checks. This reduces workload, increases reliability, and improves quality.

During ESHRE 2024, the eFertility team is more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences on using eWitness to enhance the safety of your laboratory.

We look forward to seeing you at ESHRE 2024!

Why choose eWitness from eFertility over competitors’ witness systems?

  • We utilize printable RFID tags with barcode and patient information instead of blank tags.
  • Our solution includes Witness points, workflow support, and material batch registration.
  • eWitness tracks all movements and provides KPI’s on all witness procedures.
  • The ID patient card with barcode and RFID offers flexible patient check-in.
  • Specific procedures enable the RFID patient card to be placed on the eWitness RFID reader, preventing processing of material from other patients.
  • Our barcode and RFID hardware seamlessly integrates into standard laboratory environments, making implementation easy, quick, and cost-efficient.
  • Thanks to our affordable pricing, the clinic can implement electronic witness in all procedures, instead of being limited to select a few.

Would you like to get in contact with us

Please contact me to book a eWitness demo or plan a meeting
‘eFertility is a flexible, trustworthy and highly professional company. Their employees are experts in the workfield and know how to meet client expectations.’
Prof. J. Laven, gynaecologist at Erasmus University Hospital Rotterdam MC