Radboud University Medical Center starts with eFertility Patient Portal

For this hospital (location Nijmegen – the Netherlands) the eFertility Interactive Online Patient Portal will be implemented beginning 2020. The online patient portal is a secured, personalized environment which can be accessed by the patient anytime and anywhere. Patients have access to parts of their file through secure 2 factor access such as appointments, correspondence and stimulation schemes. The patient portal gives the patient the opportunity to fill out online questionnaires. The data is automatically fed into eFertility so the patient’s physician can validate the information during an appointment, which saves time. The portal can be linked via API to existing hospital portals. 

The online patient portal offers many advantages, such as happier patients who are better able to deal with their situation. Physician-patient relations are improved because relevant and tailor-made information is shared in a personal way. If patients receive correct and sufficient information, their independence increases. Many patients feel the need to interact digitally with their care providers in order to make the process simpler and quicker in a way that suits them best. The online patient portal, directly linked to eFertility, offers them just that.