Features of eFertility

eFertility has numerous features. It enables safe digital registration and patient information management. It makes data analyses possible. You have direct insight into the patient’s status, treatment plan and treatment progress. eFertility also takes care of correspondence, consultation scheduling and procedure registration. It is built in a modular fashion: if a hospital or independent treatment centre has any additional requirements, eFertility is easily expanded to include additional modules (a planner, a scan or signature module, invoicing, etc).

For the users, by the users

eFertility has a unique structure: all its functionalities have been selected by gynaecologists and embryologists. In an ongoing process, participating doctors remain closely involved in the further development and expansion of the system. We make sure that the users’ needs are clear. The system stays tuned to daily practice by organising workgroup meetings. We focus on both clinical and lab-related activities.

(Inter)national uniformity

eFertility is used in almost all hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands. It provides national uniformity and transparency in fertility treatment registration. Because eFertility is based on the Stb Care Framework, it can easily be adapted to national-specific needs. Your clinic’s staff members can focus on sharing and applying scientific research information thanks to digital registration and reporting. Thus, they continuously improve patient care.

Functionalities and modules

Various functionalities and modules can be added to eFertility. Below is a brief overview of the possibilities, but this is only a selection. If you any have specific requirements please contact us.

A brief overview of the possibilities


The innovative eDonor links donors and patients by advanced searches. eDonor uses a reservation system. When a match is found, the donor's straws are reserved. You receive an overview of the virtual stock to be used. It also manages the release of semen or oocytes. The cumulative results are made transparent for each donor, so it is possible to retrieve more information (e.g. how many women became pregnant from a specific donor).

Donor module
Witnessing APP


eWitness enables witnessing to be an integral part of the workflow in your laboratory. The system uses small and reliable 2D barcodes or normal barcodes depending on your needs. Labels and barcodes are created directly from the interface and can be customised to tailor your need. eWitness allowed labels to be scanned directly from the interface or using a dedicated app. Each barcode is unique and ensures the save and complete witnessing of all process steps in your setting.


This portal enables patients to view parts of their record online, e.g. appointments, correspondence and stimulation schedule. They can use the online patient portal to fill out a questionnaire. Data are automatically fed into eFertility and the treating physician only needs to validate the information. You can also schedule appointment reminders for patients.

Patient portal


The calender is easily opened from the eFertility navigation menu. It is well organised and can be tailored to your specific needs, such as a 3-day overview or a display of several user agendas simultaneously. The agenda is linked to the patient and gives you a quick insight into relevant patient information. Finding a possible consultation date for a patient has never been so easy! The web-based calender is a user-friendly, complete and feature-rich tool.


eSignature allows patients to place a digital signature, e.g. before and after a procedure. This signature is automatically recorded in eFertility. You need a drawing tablet or touchscreen computer to use this module.

Signature module